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Is your website visited on a daily basis by a loyal crowd of visitors and many online followers? Have you obtained a wide range of interested visitors or followers via social media like Twitter and Facebook, do you have a popular blog with a high number of blog visitors or are you the owner of a newsletter or mailing list which is sent to hundreds of even thousands of people who show an interest in your website? affiliates who promote the service via their personalized affiliate links will get up to 10% commission per order. As an affiliate you will be able to make use of personalized links to convince your visitors or social media followers to buy our products. This is our own preferred way of promoting our products because the website owner who uses these links has full control and determines him- or herself where and when he would like to publish these links. This way you can maintain a perfect relationship with all your website visitors and you can even decide to extend your promoting efforts by publishing links to additional products.

Get up to 10% commission on every order

With an average order value of about 1800 US Dollars per order, the commission that can be realized is pretty high and interesting. Let’s show you an example of what can be earned in the blink of an eye: Let’s imagine you have realized 10 orders on a monthly basis. With this number of orders you will deserve a 8% order commission rate. Making a quick calculation this means you will get payed 1440 US Dollars in commissions ( ($1800 * 0.08) * 10 ). Take also in mind that the higher the number of commissions that go via your personalized affiliate links, the higher your commission rate will be. This way the commission rate can even go up to 10%! For our exact commission rates, please click here.

Affiliate realization can be done by each one of us. In about two minutes time the registration will be completed and you can start promoting our website and our products. By completing the registration you will become our exclusive partner. You will become our personal affiliate without third parties being involved.

By means of your unique and personalized links each affiliate can determine his or her personal way of advertising and therefore earning money. We have as well affiliates who are owning huge network blogs as affiliates with a limited number of visitors who would like to become our exclusive affiliate.

Take a look at the earned money which has been realized by you affiliate links. The more orders that will have been realized via your links, the higher the commission rate and therefore the more money will become yours. Take your time to take a look at the orders you have realized on a monthly or yearly basis and determine the number of clicks that have been generated via those same links and banners.

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How it works

Creating your own links can be immediately done after your account completion. After having created those links we would advise you to start promoting our website and our products to all of your visitors and followers in order to realize a higher number of clicks. When one of your links is clicked, the underlying affiliate code will ensure a cookie is saved on that particular person’s tablet, smartphone, desktop or laptop. The cookie is built that way that it will not only track the clicks that have been made but it will also track the orders that have been made. This click and order information can be consulted afterwards on the affiliate panel. At the end of each month we will gather all approved commissions and make the total sum. If this sum of approved commissions reaches the minimal payment amount and if you dispose of a complete profile the commissions will be paid.

Starting is easy and free

Many of our customers are very happy with the fact the registration process goes very smoothly and with the fact they can immediately start promoting our products via their unique affiliate links and banners. It only takes a few minutes for the registration process and the banner and link creation to be completed. Immediately after this process the revenue generating process can be kicked off.

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Commission percentages

As stated before your commission rate will become higher the more customers will order our products via your personalized affiliate links and banners. Our commission percentages can be consulted below:

# orders Commission
<5 5%
<10 6%
<25 8%
25≥ 10%

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